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@DonnyRad Returns To Chicago This Summer*

After an exhausting amount of consideration, Donny Rodriguez has decided to call the Windy-City (Da Bearz Den, Chicago-Iraq, Rahm’s Reign Of Terror Town, whatever we’re calling it now) home again.

A little insight into the move, Donny has gone through some dark times–like not “I’m emo and bummed”, but like “I’m writing a short film about the hopeless couple of months this past winter that I didn’t almost make it out of”.  After this episode, Donny decided to take off 4 months of writing (this is the first “proper” thing he’s written in forever) to work on himself as a person, which he never done before. Chicago makes him happy so he’s coming back for the Summer–only. Read More…

Critics Pick: Says You Should See The Disposable Income Freak Show This Friday!


I’m humbled and blown away that made my monthly sketch spectacle, the Disposable Income Freak Show, a critics pick for the this week.  The aforementioned show (again,’s praise makes me blush) is Friday (1/30), doors at 7:30/show at 8:00 at The New Movement!

Here are the top 5 reasons you should see the show:

5. It’s like a circus show with curiosities and oddities (“bros” and “basic chicks”)!  Who doesn’t love clowns/people who scream shit for no reason?!?!

4. It costs $5.  Cheaper than a craft cocktail on the Eastside with half the pretension!

3. It’s the perfect date from ages from 21-102.  Our show gets you, it’ll help you tongue kiss randos. #TheStruggleIsReal. Read More…

The 27 Best Boy Band B-sidez (LISTICLE)


I frosted my tips, rhinestone’d my tees, and got legitimately upset when the popular vote of TRL got the number one spot wrong by giving a NuMetal act the top prize–cue that blockhead Carson Daly quipping about doing it all for the Nookie.  I used to be boy band as fuck–thanks to my high school girlfriend loving that shit and me not really having the self-esteem to have opinions/tastes of my own.

I was #TeamJC before the hashtag “Team(InsertTweenDemiGodHere)” was a thing.  In an effort to seem cooler than I was, I adopted a third-fiddle vocal group 98 Degrees as my favorite, but if we’re real talking here, I was an *NSYNC frontrunner like the lot of us.  JT’s baby blues bling’d brighter than dhose bedazzled bandanas emirite? Read More…

Nashville’s Nashies’ Wish List For Season 3


I grew up in Chicago’s West Rogers Park neighborhood, which is predominately an Assyrian, Indian, and Jewish hood, so I didn’t grow up hearing a lot of Waylon, Patsy, or Chris Gains’ alter-ego–Garth Brooks.  Thanks to Hulu and a realization that I need to stop re-watching The Wire, I fell in love with ABC’s Nashville. Just like The Wire, the Nashville music scene is a cut-throat milieu where one minute you’re on top of the game and the next minute you’re gun down (well not really, except for that inexplicable time the first lady of Nashville was shot–RIP Peggy Kenter.)  Oh and Hamsterdam architect Major Bunny Colvin has been on it too, soooo there, I take it back, the analogy still works!

After one episode of the melodramatic Nashville and you realize it’s ridiculously ridiculous and #SorryNotSorry but I love it.  And even if you can’t stand the occasionally cringeworthy dialogue there’s some legit musical performances every episode. Read More…

VH1’s LeAnn Rimes Cibrian Clickbait, only on!

LeAnn Rimes © Manuel Nauta

I remember being 13 years old and completely in love with this “How Do I Live?” Southern Belle.  For some reason the song played on my favorite hip-hop party radio station B96. Weird. I rekindled my affinity for the effervescent octave-slayer a few months back when I covered her for Texas Rock Report.  After the piece went live, I received dozens of tweets using my words of low attendance against her. The internets don’t take kindly to romantic grey areas I reckon, read more here..  

Should I Give F**ks If Someone Says “Zero F**ks Given”?


An edgy buzz phrase that all the kids (redditors) are saying on social media is “Zero Fucks Given“.  Other iterations of the phrase are: “Not a single fuck was given“, “I gave none of the fucks“, “Bullshit: 1 Fucks: 0“, “Exactly/percisely no fucks given“, and my own offering to the lexicon of internet speak”I would say fuck you but that would mean I had an iota of fucks to spare–which I don’t because keeping tracks of my fucks would imply that I give a fucks about shit and alas I don’t fucks with fucks-tracking.”

But what if you’re like me and don’t idle on apathy?  I sweat the small stuff, worry about nonsense, and overanalyze everything.  The concept of giving zero fucks is fucked up to me.  What if we all didn’t contribute our fair share of fucks?  It’d be a no fucks free for all!!

Let’s take a look at those who perpetually don’t award fucks to anything and ask yourself if you’d like to be in this bad company:

Lululemon, and Abercrombie when it comes to staying in business.  YouTube commentors.  Those kids on the bus with dat swag who might beat the shit out of you. Read More…

Veggie Burgers:Russian Roulette Where Every Chamber IS Loaded


Bing defines a veggie burger as a hamburger-style patty that contains no animal flesh. And that’s it. So if you want to make your own, one must only adhere to that rudimentry principal. Aside from that take all of the liberties and run fucking wild.  No one can call you on your shit.

Faux Burgers can range from too South American spicy to too Mediterranean bland.  There’s the pre-made frozen variety, complete with painted on grill marks.  Some sit-down joints will sling ice cream scooped, bonding agent-less, corn-heavy goop. Read More…

My First Last Ditch Effort


In some junior high class–which had nary a thing to do with the Three R’s, during a grade where pre-teen boys wore basketball shorts during all of the temperatures–we hand-made dreamcatchers.  My school wasn’t on a reservation, nor was it an artsy institution, it was just in a dull “let’s raise future adults who hide their insecurities and denounce vulnerabilities land” town. Dreamcatchers are easy on the organs of vision and kind of look like the framework of a plate of nachos.  There’s the chips in between the webs of melted cheese, beads of beans situated haphazardly, and a scant serving of feathers which represents cubed chicken.  Where’s the salsa you may ask? It’s the paper-clip grade wiring that holds it all together, duh. Read More…