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The Whiskey Sisters Keep Their Buzz Going (Review)


“You can count on one Austinite’s Topo-Chico-warming, breakfast-taco-shoveling-hand, the number of bands that have as zealous a weekly following as Austin’s The Whiskey Sisters”  To read more of the review head on over to Tour

2014 NBA Draft Live Tweeting Tweets Un-Tweeted Blog Post!!!


This running NBA Draft diary should have ultimately been just live-tweets I tweeted, but I watched the draft on a delay because my cable provider can’t stream my Apple TV at a faster speed than AOL-’96-As-F**k.  I stayed twitter dark as to not spoil the lack of drama I wanted to witness for myself.

I used to cover the WNBA’s the Chicago Sky, and the Chicago dudes squad a few years ago, so I am in no way qualified to talk about sports, but that never stopped the internet, so here’s NBA 2014 Draft Diary/Tweet quips I should have made!

1. Cleveland Cavs–they took extra time, to make sure Andrew Wiggins had a work visa, and didn’t have that pesky Canadian sleep-conditions/a case of the chubbies, like last years number one pick Anthony Bennett.

2014-15 Season Expectations: Wiggins Will take his talents to South Beach seven years from now.

2. Milwaukee Bucks- the humble Jabari Parker, said “understatement” instead of “overstatement” when it came to his potential, making twitter overreact as it only knows how–I’d imagine, I didn’t go on twitter.  He also gave a shout out to the Great Lakes!

2014-15 Season Expectations: Parker will win Rookie of the Year, and do what most Milwaukee-ians do on their days off, take the train to Chicago and check out the Bubba Gump’s at the Navy Pier. Read More…