@DonnyRad Returns To Chicago This Summer*

After an exhausting amount of consideration, Donny Rodriguez has decided to call the Windy-City (Da Bearz Den, Chicago-Iraq, Rahm’s Reign Of Terror Town, whatever we’re calling it now) home again.

A little insight into the move, Donny has gone through some dark times–like not “I’m emo and bummed”, but like “I’m writing a short film about the hopeless couple of months this past winter that I didn’t almost make it out of”.  After this episode, Donny decided to take off 4 months of writing (this is the first “proper” thing he’s written in forever) to work on himself as a person, which he never done before. Chicago makes him happy so he’s coming back for the Summer–only.

Donny would like to thank the people of Austin, TX for their hospitality and Topo Chicos. One of the hardest part of the move will be leaving The New Movement Theater and his freens. He legit couldn’t have gotten through stuff without them. Don’t fret ATX….he may be sooner than later (see the last paragraph—this is called a “tease” in the writing biz nix y’all)

Photo Credit @ Henry Linser

Donny’s summer plans include taking care of some unfinished business in the Chicagoland-area comedy scene. Donny regrets never trying to make magic with the big boi comedy institutions so he’s enrolling in some workshops and intensives. Donny’s new love of improv and toe-dipping into stand-up means, Summer 2016 will be his comedy coming out party. Also, his brother is making award-winning films and he wants to ride his coattails.

Donny’s plan for the Fall and Winter is to continue expanding his scope on comedy and will move to New Orleans, Louisiana to study/perform at The New Movement. Come winter, Donny will most like make his way back to Austin, or maybe New York, or LA, probably Austin but maybe those other places too–the point is, he used to put playing it safe and being comfortable ahead of gambling for his passion/happiness, but now he’s ready to roll the dice and grow.

In the words of Chris Stapleton:

I couldn’t tell you honey, I don’t know
Where I’m going but I’ve got to go
‘Cause every turn reveals some other road
And I’m a traveller, oh, I’m a traveller

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