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Austin’s Buyers Club: A Fundraiser Featuring The McConaughey’s & Sheryl Crow


Next up for this near-flawless performer was the bluesy, Adult Top 40 hit “My Favorite Mistake”.  Accompanying Ms. Crow on part of her drummer’s drum kit, was the pocket-sized, aggressively adorable five-year old son of Camila Alves and Matthew McConaughey, Levi.  This kid had chops on the skins; he stayed in beat most of the time for the three songs he sat in on.  Levi’s proud parents danced and cheered him on from the front row and I could only help but wonder, “Is this real life?” Click Here To Read More….

It’s Okay To Give A Sh*t About Your Podcast/Web Series


Ahead of the release of my one-“man” podcast “Sweat All The Stuff” in May, I thought I’d #TBT with you an article I wrote for Comedy Of Chicago last year.  It’s a must read for anyone considering throwing their Steve-Martin-Fake-Arrow hat in the comedy podcasting/web series ring.  Click here to read more!

Should I Give F**ks If Someone Says “Zero F**ks Given”?


An edgy buzz phrase that all the kids (redditors) are saying on social media is “Zero Fucks Given“.  Other iterations of the phrase are: “Not a single fuck was given“, “I gave none of the fucks“, “Bullshit: 1 Fucks: 0“, “Exactly/percisely no fucks given“, and my own offering to the lexicon of internet speak”I would say fuck you but that would mean I had an iota of fucks to spare–which I don’t because keeping tracks of my fucks would imply that I give a fucks about shit and alas I don’t fucks with fucks-tracking.”

But what if you’re like me and don’t idle on apathy?  I sweat the small stuff, worry about nonsense, and overanalyze everything.  The concept of giving zero fucks is fucked up to me.  What if we all didn’t contribute our fair share of fucks?  It’d be a no fucks free for all!!

Let’s take a look at those who perpetually don’t award fucks to anything and ask yourself if you’d like to be in this bad company:

Lululemon, and Abercrombie when it comes to staying in business.  YouTube commentors.  Those kids on the bus with dat swag who might beat the shit out of you. Read More…