My Red Carpet Date With Perez Hilton At SXSW

(Me and Perez, guess which one of us has a million dollars in their bank account but doesn’t buy shirts.) “During all of SXSW, you couldn’t stumble downtown ten feet in any direction before hitting a venue that had swore their bar’s showcase featured the future of music and SXSW.  Perez Hilton assured me inContinue reading “My Red Carpet Date With Perez Hilton At SXSW”

Wearable Technology At SXSW

AUSTIN, TX–SXSW is ground zero for techies and fest loving fashionistas.  The two ilks have co-mingled and  have birthed a hybrid baby.  Wearable Technology like Google Glass, or watch calculators are sooo 55 minutes from now.  Here’s a few prototypes that may hit the runways IRL in Milan or on the cyber-bohemian streets of the #ATX: American Apparel’sContinue reading “Wearable Technology At SXSW”